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Introduce a new way to connect Social + Blockchain

Easy to Use

add new friends, create group , Advertise, News, Youtube, Crypto News and video


Offering web wallet and atomic swap exchange on the app

Know Your Customer

KYC is to ensure and avoid fake users to prevent suspicious user, scams and protect users privacy.

Track Your Asset

Look for your asset on our live update coinmarketcap within the app.

Consistence up to date

We are focused on making our app to serve our users better.

Fun Features

We have Hashtag, @"user name", Point system, Community and friends share media's and many more
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Adding Sociablock to your APP is Easier Than Anything!

We are a team of young, experienced developers who are passionate about their work. Years of cooperation with both corporations and startups, helped us to build diverse portfolio of interesting projects.


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Why Our App is
Best for your Business

Are you looking for trusted experts, who are ready to get insight about your business needs?

Our designs are not only pleasant to the eye but above all, simple and useful.
We mastered development of web applications, which are browser-based programs.
We dive in how the company works to develop dedicated, tailored solutions to suit your business needs.

Andrew Yang

Chief executive officer

Liam Nemit

Chiff Executive Officer


Chief financial officer

Daniel Orson

Operations Director

Jacky Hoang Nguyen

Marketing Manager

Cristina Van

Blockchain Engineer


Project Adviser

Colin Jameson

Blockchain Engineer

Shiva Ramarao

Project Analyst

Peter Farel

Brand Leader

Pásztor Miklós

Techincial Officer

Sam Odin

Product Manager
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Earn points and exchange into real asset in our native tokens (LYS)

Discover a World

Adding new friends to your account and enjoy a whole new experience together

News and Lifestyle

Get The Latest News From Different News Publisher From Cryptocurrency Blockchain To Daily Day To Day News
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Exchange and Web Wallet at your fingertips
(Coming Soon)

We create Coummunity solutions by integrating blockchain and social media, By creating a eye-pleasing and user-friendly online Community with KYC method to Verify all users, that will Protect our users account and privacy. The most importantly is we plan to push Blockchain adoption to the next level by carefully design our application to suit all users experiences .

  Andrew Yang , Founder CEO