Ready to Use

Add to your HomePage in less than 5 sec and you are set to go

Improve Security

We use Cloudfare to allow better protection to our site and users

Works like any other APP

Sociablock works like any other native APP with all the features include Private chat

Build in Market Capitalization

Now Community users can check out there favorite Cryptocurrency within the APP itself

Buy and sell directly

Atomic Swap Exchange and withdrawal

Download Anywhere

Android user can now easily download the APP by going to Https:// . A pop up will come out at the bottom of your android devices just click add to "Home Screen" For Apple User while you are in our page go to option and find add to "Home Screen" Download should be less than 5 sec
Sociablock For Blockchain Community

Sociablock will be the new social tend for blockchain community , Are you tired of scammers ? using our platform allow users to earn trust by posting and leveling . User now can look at the user profile to identify whether to trust any user who sell /buy or even provide any information to you. This safe guard our users or investors interest and keep the whole blockchain eco-system friendly . 

Sociablock provide easy access to our own CoinMarketCap able to track your asset any point of time while discuss any blockchain or crypto within our platform .

Verified User

Level system to easy identify trust user

Blockchain Forum

A new era of forum for blockchain easy to use and better UI interface

Crypto News Feed

Integrate with popular crypto news feed from different source

Swap Exchange

Supporting ERC-20 Tokens
<"Social Media Platform For Blockchain">

We create solutions and slick, eye-pleasing and user-friendly online Community, that let user’s focus on their business and community. It will be the most popular blockchain community out there. It is more than just a website with Blockchain capabilities and the possibility of being use as a daily basis interactive social media with friends and family.