Exchange Rate:

1 LYS Token = 0.1 YEAR Coin

Example Rate:

10,000 LYS Token = 1000 YEAR Coin

YEAR Digital Asset Transfer

It will takes 1week after the official closing date


Please enter your name here
Please enter your email here , If u are transferring to Sociablock account above email must be the same as registered on Sociablock
Transfer your "LYS" ERC-20 Token Send to this Address : 0xc797028a40b2a722b2bbda87b95836a981ef8540 Copy the Transaction hash and paste it in the above box
Choose where you want your Digital Asset to transfer to :
TAKE NOTE : Lightyears Wallet / If you are transfer to sociablock account Note: Please input the same email address linking to sociablock and user name above .

*Lightyears Reserve all rights not to issue any asset or swap to individual Whom commit or found :

  • Fraud
  • Cheating
  • Dishonest information
  • Scam