Technical Details

Lightyears uses the concept from Bitcoin + XRP making it more rewarding, and ready for real-life digital asset utility asset store of value.

Block Time

A new block is minted every 1 minutes, making it more than 10 times faster than Bitcoin. An exponential difficulty adjustment algorithm is used, leading to more predictable and less spiky block times.

Coinstaking Maturity

It takes 100 blocks for the newly minted coins and the stake to mature. Staking can only occur once the coins are matured.

Up to Date

Features and fixes are continuously developed and merged both on Bitcoin and Lightyears, development will kept in sync

Block Reward

The current block reward is 1 YEAR / block.The block reward will not decrease, until it reaches the maximum supply of 71,234,000,000 Coins

Adv. Qt Wallet

Its faster and one click to stake your Lightyears asset in our Qt Core wallet available for download on our site, Support Windows, Linux and Apple

Block size

Having the same block size as bitcoin but at a fraction of the time, Making it faster in terms of transaction confirmation, but also capable of handling more than 3 times the number of transactions.

Use Case

Enable YEAR asset to be use , store and send in our blockchain platform Like purchase item, ranks , listing , advertising .

Whats better ?

Lightyears build on top latest Bitcoin core codebase, bringing with it all of its features (Segwit transactions, blocksize, etc). On top, it comes with a state of the art PoS implementation, With the combine of Bitcoin Core and Proof of stake making it standout in the crypto space.

Poof of Stake

Lightyears uses the latest updated version of the Proof of Stake algorithm which eliminated issues that allowed for short-range and coin-age attacks to happen.